An excerpt from St. Elmo by Augusta Jane Evans (edited by me)

From that brief summer dream she was aroused by some sudden noise. Starting up, she
saw the sheep bounding far away, while a large, gaunt, wolfish dog snuffed at
her hands and face.
Once before, Edna had seen this dog chained near the stables, and Hagar told her he was “very dangerous,” and was never loosed except at night. The expression of his fierce, red eyes as he stood over her made her freeze, her heart pounding.

Location! Location!! Location!!!

The best place to grow tomatoes will have full sun for six hours a day. Hotter southern locations might need a little afternoon shade to give the tomatoes a bit of relief so they can survive and thrive. A well-drained site with rich, loamy soil is ideal. If you don’t have a location with full sun for six hours a day, you might have to trim back some tree branches. If your soil isn’t ideal, start adding organic material like compost to it.

THE FLAME OF BATTLE, my Viking and dragons novel, is finished!

Completed the first draft of THE FLAME OF BATTLE, i.e. the epic Viking book, and it is *gulp* 91,522 words long. Here are the stats: I wrote those words (plus others) over the past 82 days, averaging 1,130 words/day, despite it being busy season at work. I have absolutely *never* …

Behind the fortifications, making a last-ditch stand

Here’s another little bit of my Viking story, THE FLAME OF BATTLE. Dyrfinna’s troops are on a little bit of mountain, which they’ve fortified against the enemy. They’re outnumbered ten to one, and Dyrfinna is waiting — hoping — for the arrival of the rest of the fleet before they …

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