A little scene from the Viking novel.

I really need to get a title for this book, but I usually figure out the title once I get to the end of the book. (ETA: It’s called THE FLAME OF BATTLE.) Anyway, here’s a screenshot from a little bit more of my Viking novel.

Screenshot-2018-1-18 Viking Project

It is going to be a lot of fun. I’m just saying!

You can preorder THE FLAME OF BATTLE right now!

In the flame of battle, even the innocent get burned…

Dyrfinna is a born commander. She bests her peers in dragon riding, sword fighting, and battle strategy. So when the Queen calls the people of Skala to battle to revenge her murdered daughter, Dyrfinna outfits a ship and brings a crew.

Once in the field, Dyrfinna leads her troops to victory in a series of hard-fought battles against overwhelming odds. Yet a commander is raised over her, and because of his clumsy leadership, a great disaster results in the massacre of a quarter of the Queen’s army. Then the commander unfairly blames a second disaster on Dyrfinna. The wrong stroke of her sword could undo everything she’s ever worked for, earn her the fury of her friends … and exile to certain death.

But you can’t keep a true warrior down. When things are darkest, a flame rises out of the desolation.

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