The Hungry Garden series


A gardening book series written by a former horticulturist about Container Gardening - Edible Landscaping - Beneficial Insects - Indoor Gardening - Food Forests - Wildscaping - with more to come!

The Hungry Garden series

The Hungry Garden series are books for today's gardener, who is concerned with sustainability as well as growing good food in the yard with a minumum of fuss, while working with (and being cool with) the natural processes at work all around us.

Big Yields, Little Pots: Container Gardening for Creative Gardeners

Edible Landscaping: Grow a Food Forest Through Permaculture

Beneficial and Pest Insects: The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry

Indoor Gardening: Growing Herbs, Greens, and Vegetables Under Lights

Growing a Food Forest: Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials That'll Feed Ya!

Survival Rations!: Foraging for Greens, Mushrooms, Berries, & Nuts

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