I’m teaching an online class in Indie Publishing!

This class will introduce you the zany world of self-publishing, where YOU make all the choices. You make your deadlines, your publishing schedule, your creative direction, as well as marketing and book design decisions. We’ll talk about publishing options in the indie world, how to put your books out as ebooks and paperbacks, ways to build a newsletter and an audience, how to keep self-publishing costs down while doing quality work, best practices for success, and much more.

“They must not get their hands on her.” — An excerpt from NIGHT IN MY VEINS.

Sarae suddenly struggled to a sitting position, speaking garbled words, her eyes unseeing. “What happened? What the hell is going on?” She looked wildly around the RV – and then her eyes darkened and she turned back to Marcus. “And where the hell is Remy?”

“Do you think God will forgive you on the gallows?” — A St. Elmo excerpt

A movement brought the girl’s eyes up from the pool of blood. The surviving man, still standing in the middle of the field, coolly drew out a cigar, lighted it, and placed it between his lips, all while gazing with complete satisfaction at the dead man.
Her shuddering cry broke the silence. “Murderer!”

An excerpt from St. Elmo by Augusta Jane Evans (edited by me)

From that brief summer dream she was aroused by some sudden noise. Starting up, she
saw the sheep bounding far away, while a large, gaunt, wolfish dog snuffed at
her hands and face.
Once before, Edna had seen this dog chained near the stables, and Hagar told her he was “very dangerous,” and was never loosed except at night. The expression of his fierce, red eyes as he stood over her made her freeze, her heart pounding.

New Life for an Old Classic – St. Elmo by Augusta J. Evans

St. Elmo is a damn good story, and I’ll be the first to be tackling people in the street saying READ THIS BOOK. You know, St. Elmo was the third top-selling novel in the 1800s, up there with Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Ben-Hur. When it first came out, the publisher had fifteen cylinder presses running day and night to keep up with the demand. But there are some issues with this novel that caused it to fall out of favor over the years. So now I’ve edited it.

Location! Location!! Location!!!

The best place to grow tomatoes will have full sun for six hours a day. Hotter southern locations might need a little afternoon shade to give the tomatoes a bit of relief so they can survive and thrive. A well-drained site with rich, loamy soil is ideal. If you don’t have a location with full sun for six hours a day, you might have to trim back some tree branches. If your soil isn’t ideal, start adding organic material like compost to it.

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