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I worked in horticulture for 20+ years, and now I write gardening books. It's a little easier on the back.

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I write YA novels, whether fantasy or realistic, as well as a few MG novels for younger readers.

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I also write about Civil War history, but I plan to add some Harry Truman books to this stack at some point.

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Butterfly Chaos has a new cover!

There's Cassie and her tornado, and I love this. Molly at We Got You Covered created this cover for me. Isn't it a pistol?

I'll be starting some promotions for this book now that we have a beautiful cover for it -- stay tuned.

Butterfly Chaos is available on Amazon and CreateSpace.

Three months after her cousin Toni died, Cassie is still reeling. Toni’s best friend now ignores her in the halls. Cassie’s cousin is dating the girl who torments her in gym. And Cassie has maybe a teeny-tiny crush on the boy who pulled Toni’s body out of the river.

Then Toni’s ghost visits Cassie and reveals that in two nights, a powerful EF3 tornado will rip into a dance hall, killing those three kids.

Cassie sets out to keep everyone from going to the dance. As she argues and cajoles (and stockpiles illegal munitions to clear the building) she uncovers stories about her friends’ connections with Toni – and all the reasons they refuse to skip this awesome dance. Why does everyone have to be so bullheaded! Despite everything Cassie does to change their destiny, they find themselves directly in the killer tornado’s path....

Fans of Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt, Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu, or choice-driven games like Life is Strange will love this book.

(P.S. If you review this book and send a screenshot of your review to me at, I can send you another free ebook to review. Seriously. I need reviewers like you wouldn't believe.)

Get my free book on Instafreebie!

This book is FREE at Instafreebie, guys! I wrote this back in ... geez, clear back in 2012, and actually read the first chapter at my graduate reading at Hamline University, where I got my MFAC in writing for children. But I'm giving away this novel because I need to make a fresh start with it.

I am partially through the first book of this series -- The First Changeling is its title right now, and is about Gabe when he turns into a horse. He's trying to rescue other teens who made the change, and he's also trying to find out how they turned -- and how they can turn back.

Fun fact: I started writing Seraphim when I was pregnant with my son, and my daughter (who was 10 at the time) was very happy to FINALLY get a baby brother. Meira and Nathan, the sis/bro duo in the book, have the kind of relationship I wanted my kids to have. And you know, they do, though there's more yelling. I need to fix that in the novel. 🙂

Anyway, be looking for the new Seraphim trilogy in 2018, I HOPE.


The Seraphim(2)KG

Seven books in the Easy-Growing Gardening series

I worked over half my life in horticulture -- but now I work inside in the air-conditioning. You cannot believe how much I love AC. It's been 95 degrees all week, with a relative humidity of 95%. I'm very happy to work inside, believe me.

But I still miss my plants and roses, so I've been writing book after book to pass along everything I've learned so far, and people really seem to appreciate reading books from somebody who has actually spent time in a garden. I don't blame them; I'm the same way about gardening books.

My newest book is Leave Me A Lawn, and it's the seventh book in the Easy-Growing Gardening series. I love writing these books and coming up with bad puns for the titles.

The next book will be about Japanese beetle control, and I've been digging through the archives and scientific writings to find the best control methods for these destructive beetles. Watch this space.

Find all my Easy-Growing series here!


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