Edible Flowers in the Landscape

If you squeeze the sides of a snapdragon blossom, it opens its little mouth and says “rawr rawr.” Or maybe that’s me. These flowers are edible, though flavor ranges from bland to bitter. Probably best as a garnish. In Missouri, the plant will stay green through November.

KNOW THY ENEMY: Japanese beetles

Male Japanese beetles will fly to plants where females were feeding, or pretty much anyplace where the females are. In the morning, when the females climb out of the holes they’ve dug to lay their eggs, a bunch of males will fly over and land and try to mate with her. And she’s like, “Dudes, I just woke up, geez.”

How to Buy and Plant Bare-Root Roses

Have you ever seen a bare-root rose? When you pull one out of the cool, moist mulch it’s stored in, all you see are a couple of thorny sticks on top, a couple of black roots on the bottom … if this is the bottom …. And you think, I’m spending twenty-some bucks for this? However, a good bare-root rose is worth every cent.


Dang, I am happy to see this one finished. Charles Anctil, Master Rosarian with the American Rose Society, and personal buddy, has looked over the manuscript and made recommendations, all of which I followed, so I have his stamp of approval on this book. Roses are the Queen of Flowers. …

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