THE FLAME OF BATTLE, my Viking and dragons novel, is finished!

Completed the first draft of THE FLAME OF BATTLE, i.e. the epic Viking book, and it is *gulp* 91,522 words long. Here are the stats: I wrote those words (plus others) over the past 82 days, averaging 1,130 words/day, despite it being busy season at work. I have absolutely *never* …

Sneak peek — first chapter of Outlander’s Scar

Stealthy as a bobcat, ringed tail low, Acorn four-footed it along the crookedy branch, then peered out from behind the trunk. “That’s no way to talk to a future chieftain,” Acorn muttered. “We’ll see who’s cross-eyed when I fall on top of your squirrelbrained head.”


Dang, I am happy to see this one finished. Charles Anctil, Master Rosarian with the American Rose Society, and personal buddy, has looked over the manuscript and made recommendations, all of which I followed, so I have his stamp of approval on this book. Roses are the Queen of Flowers. …

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