The latest work on THE FLAME OF BATTLE

I don’t know why my phone camera can’t do colors worth a damn. Here’s the latest writing work on THE FLAME OF BATTLE, including a bit where I flail around with transition scenes. “good god people, just muster your troops already, geez.” I get antsy during these scenes, like I want to gallop ahead to get to a fight scene. Just breathe, Melinda! Your writing goes better if you just slow down and live in the moment!!

I’m kind of an excitable gal when it comes to … well, everything, but writing too. I have a real problem with racing through stuff that bores me (even if it’s necessary) to get to the fun stuff. I always have to remind myself that it won’t be boring if I write it well enough — this entails writing a very bad early draft, then digging into the scene and adding in all the cool details and dialog that makes it work. Once I do that, the scene isn’t boring any more. I know this is how it works, but it’s still a challenge for me to sit still with the scene long enough to make it work.

In other news … So I’m rewriting the old version of THE FLAME OF BATTLE to be cool and new. I was like “We’ll just do a little rewriting.” Ha ha, what has actually been happening is that I have written 33,000 words of ALL-NEW CONTENT and have barely used the original source material so far. Crazy!

Now that we’ve reached the mustering of the ships, I’ll be using the original material more — but I keep rewriting it as well, because I’m like “oh man, I can make this better,” so I do. It’s going to be a great book, I ain’t gonna lie.

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