“Good writing comes out of the vulnerable places in the writer.”

Skip over to Damien Seaman’s blog for a lovely interview he did with me.

I talk about why I went over to self-publishing, discuss The Flame of Battle (which you really should go read) and talk about the writing process, and how to keep writing when you’ve run out of faith, and how I stay on task as a writer.

“Good writing comes out of the vulnerable places in the writer. The best writing comes when you put your hands on the third rail, so to speak – some painful secret that you’re ashamed of, and when you put that into your story, there’s so much power there.

“If you’ve read Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt, there’s a scene in this book where Gary puts his hands on the third rail, and if you’ve already read the book, you will know exactly which scene I’m talking about.

“It’s difficult writing, and it takes a world of courage. But that energy hooks your reader, and after that they won’t let go.

“P.S. Gary should have won the freaking Newbery for that one. We was robbed!!”

This is me writing, by the way.




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