sooooooooo tired

I’ve been doing overtime at work, and it’s just solid proofreading all day, so I’ve been mainlining caffeine to stay awake. I’m really zonked this evening but I’m waiting to pick up the kid from marching band, so I thought I’d give the world a holler and let you-all know I’m still alive.

I have a ton of stuff I want to do but haven’t been doing much of it. At this time I’m working on a book about Japanese beetles — #8 in the Easy-Growing Gardening Series — and I need to do a little work on Wandering Stars, which is book 2 of the White Oak Chronicles, and follows up on Outlander’s Scar. Actually, it’s in pretty good shape right now, so it doesn’t need a whole lot of work.

I’ll be taking part in a SCAVENGER HUNT next month, October 3 through 8. So stay tuned for details on that.

How is it that my head is so filled with ideas and plans and things I need to do — but the second I sit down at a computer to write about them, they immediately vanish??

Time to go pick up the kid. Longer letter later!


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