Preorder A Crown of Flames

The final book of the Dragonriders of Skala series will be coming out on October 15!


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The explosive third book in the Dragonriders of Skala series.
The undead roam the world of the Vikings—an unstoppable army led by the vicious Nauma, who rides upon the dragon corpse she raised from the blood of slaughtered soldiers. And Dyrfinna hunts her with the help of her fiery emberdragon, willing to do anything in her power to stop Nauma and send all those old heroes back into the earth where they belong. Dyrfinna must call upon both friend and enemy to join forces with her to stop Nauma from awakening an ancient, stronger power to come to her aid or her magical powers will cause even greater devastation.
Kingdoms and lives hang in the balance. A crown of roses and a crown of fire wait for those who survive this battle.
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