Vikings — Dragons — and Musicians?? My stories are on Amazon Vella!

Oh hey, I am also posting my Symphonian chapters on Vella now. It’s a place like Wattpad and Radish where you can read serialized stories on Kindle. I’ve got the first part up and am fixing up the next parts as quickly as I can so we can start getting readers. 

The Symphonians are a group of characters I’ve written stories about since high school. The story I’m publishing on Vella is a story-within-a-story I had originally written for my novel THOSE BLACK WINGS, but that element of the novel threw too many of the editors I sent it to, and so I took that part out altogether. But I really did like the story-within-a-story as a standalone. I’ve been meaning to fix it up for years but I wanted to dig into it much more deeply. Well, in the meantime, I’m publishing it to see how much interest I can get in the project, to see if it will be a viable project for the future. Fingers crossed, because I have a lot invested in these characters through the years, and I just adore them. 

You can find the Symphonians story on Vella here, under my pen name, Roxanne Cordell. Enjoy! 

I also have my brand-new Viking story with DRAGONS on Vella as well, and I’m posting chapters as I write them. So it’s a sneak peek before anybody gets to see these. Take a look!

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