MAYBE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MY NEW BOOK. (this post is from last August)

Courageous Women of the Civil War

This book came out on August 1, 2017, but if you preordered my book, you could have had that all done and then forget you preordered it and then in August you could be pleasantly surprised when a package showed up in the mail and it was my book. It would be like Christmas! Or whatever happy celebration day you celebrate if you are from a different faith tradition.

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and from some really incredible folks, to boot.

“These women faced down the guns of the enemy, or the disdain of the surgeons, at the same time they were facing down the racial and gender prejudices of their society. The research in this book is very good, and the selection of biographies is excellent—a nice mix of both well-known and obscure heroines.”

—DeAnne Blanton, coauthor of They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Civil War


“Much of what Melinda Cordell presents here is new, often persuasive, always interesting, and testifies to the desire of women of the war era to play their part in their nation’s greatest moment.”

—William C. Davis, author of An Honorable Defeat, Breckinridge, and Battle at Bull Run

“The impressive research and impeccable storytelling brings these amazing women to life on every page. I loved so many things about this new volume in the Women of Action series, the sidebars, the thorough background information, and most especially the riveting stories of the female soldiers, spies, and nurses so rarely written about in Civil War history accounts. What a contribution to women’s history and an inspiration to young and older women today.”

—Claire Rudolf Murphy, author of My Country Tis of Thee: How One Song Reveals the History of Civil Rights

“The biographies include photos of some of the women and provide a fascinating and engaging look at their activities, motivations, trials, and later lives. Excellent, detailed backmatter adds to the volume’s usefulness. A solid resource.”

Kirkus Reviews

So far, so good.

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