Lucky equals busy.

I’ve gotten back to being rocket-powered again.

I’ve got several audiobooks coming out — the first will be a short story called “Why Can’t My Life Be a Romance Novel?” Those Black Wings will have a friend of mine who is also a jazz singer and blueswoman reading it. Several of my gardening books are also in the works on Audible. I’m learning a lot, and fast.

I have a backlog of polished novels that I’ve sent out to publishers and agents over the last 20 years and am finally publishing myself — I’ve been publishing books like crazy over the last year, 15 books in one year, and I still have five full novels, all of which are pretty much finished, that I haven’t gotten to yet. I’m reformatting the interiors of several of my already-published novels to make them look good.

I’ll be getting a new book cover for Butterfly Chaos from a cover designer who creates some beautiful art that also targets a specific market and draws readers in. That process will start in November. I’ve made most of my book covers myself so far — I’m looking forward to seeing what I can learn from her about book cover creation.

I’ve moved my newsletter over to a new newsletter service — so I have to figure out how that works!! But it’s good, and also it’s cheaper than my current service. Oh yeah.

And the work of getting reviews continues apace. Folks have been wonderful about reviews, which I really appreciate. (And if YOU want to review some of my books, drop me a line at [email protected] and I’ll get you fixed up with the book of your dreams, lol. Wait no, I am serious.)

I’m tired!! but I can’t think of anything better than getting all these books out into the world. It would also be awesome if I had a house that cleans itself, but you can’t have everything.

If you put your head down and run as hard as you can, after a while you can lift your head and see how far you’ve come. Sometimes luck will strike, like lightning, out of the blue. But more often you can generate your own lightning. It takes work. But energy, work — that’s how you make your own luck. And of all the things in life I’ve done so far, I’m confident that I can make a name for myself in this field. I have everything I need. I just need to work hard and keep running.


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