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This is actually a picture of me. I have this dress that always falls down and exposes everything, especially when I'm fighting wolves in the forest. Damn cheap dress.


Actually I'm here to try and catch up a little. I'm doing a new project, and I've started a reader's group on Facebook for my new readers (and those who have been around as well) so they can keep up with all of my book antics.

I'm writing my new stuff under a pseudonym because these stories are steamy, and so I'm trying to keep them separate from my wholesome books. But I still have the same old loveable characters, and the Missouri forests, and OWLS, because in this book, we have people who talk to the dead with the help of owls.

Go here on Facebook to join my reader's group (I'll also be giving out ARCs for those of you interested in maybe leaving a book review for it). Thanks!

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