I went to Gettysburg and it was awesome.

A white oak above Devil’s Den, possibly a witness tree (i.e. a tree that was on the battlefield and actually “witnessed” the events).

I had a total blast at Gettysburg. I climbed up the Longstreet Tower three times in two days, just because I could I suppose, learned about the cavalry fights to the east, walked Pickett’s Charge, went to the big places, and even saw a Segway tour which was … different.

In the Devil’s Den. Jim said, “Hey Rose!” and when I looked up he said, “Bang!” I was shot before I could even take evasive action, and so I died. That was the fate of many soldiers among those rocks on that day.

I never appreciated the scope of the battle until I walked through this place. You can walk and drive for miles and still only see a fraction of the battlefield.

A cannon aimed at the Confederate position.

I’d go back in a heartbeat if I could, and hire a battlefield guide. One of the folks in our group was telling about the qualifications the guides needed to work on the battlefield (she was studying for it) and they were arduous.

I even made a little friend on Little Round Top. I was whistling at some cedar waxwings and this little guy popped up with his acorn, and held still for my pics.
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