Help help I need reviewers!

Hey guys!

I need to start building a review team. I have a bunch of books out there but they really need reviews.

Now I have gardening books and YA books, and if you prefer to review only one genre and not the other, that’s perfectly fine. If you want to review all of them, hey, go for it!

I haven’t set up a review group before, but I’m going to keep it simple. Email a screenshot of your review to me, whether it’s at Goodreads or Amazon, to [email protected]. I’ll send you a free ebook of your choice. And if you review that ebook, I’ll send you another free ebook. It’s pretty straightforward.

Hint hint — in June, I’ll have a book about Perennial Gardening coming out. Just in time for perennials to be on sale!

In July, I’ll have my first raccoon novel out. (This is NOT related to Seraphim Changelings, sorry. I’m still working on Gabe’s story, the first one in that series.) Boy, I need to get the cover made for that one, and quickly. It’s a MG/YA book, kind of like the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, only they’re raccoons, and they fight evil spirits with song magic, also they fight each other. It’s just a fun read with a talking rattlesnake, a coal train getting blasted off the railroad tracks, raccoons in epic battles, ecology stuff, Death’s sister (she’s kind of evil), and life lessons! Well, maybe not so much the last one.


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