YA Novels

I write novels for young adults, junior high students, college students, and anybody else.

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Gardening books

The Easy-Growing Gardening series (so far) covers vegetable gardening, roses, tomatoes, and will soon add perennials to the mix.

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Civil War Books

One is a nationally-published book, and the other is one about Civil War facial hair. Then again, have you seen these beards?

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Available for free on Instafreebie

My full novel, The Seraphim Changelings, is free on Instafreebie.

When Meira wakes up as a raccoon, her mom chases her out with a broom. She’s a Changeling, like hundreds of other junior high kids who have mysteriously turned into animals all around the world. Scientists work frantically to figure out if there’s any way to change them back..

And controversy is storming over the Midwest Animal Labs in Seraphim, Meira’s hometown, that the right-wing government of the Constitutional States of America says is a front for ecoterrorism and must be shut down. The whole operation is a powder keg, and all it’s going to take to explode is one raccoon doing what raccoons do best: getting into stuff and tearing it all to pieces.

Why Can't My Life Be a Romance Novel?

This is an Instafreebie short story about Kathy, who very much likes her books and music and a quiet existence alone. Then she falls in love with Wyatt, the boy with all the verbs. Why did this have to happen? Aaa she's going to die of this love thing! It's a classic case of a shy gal who runs screaming from love.

What You Can't Take Back

To Zanny, being in seventh grade is like having a bit part in Village of the Damned. After mortifying herself for the millionth time, she makes a desperate wish for a defender and friend. She never expects her older self to show up – especially not as a ghost fresh from a car wreck. Seventh grade was bad enough, but now Zanny is frantic to change her future so she doesn’t die young.

To top it off, Zanny’s ghost warns her that in two days, a tornado will rip into a dance hall, killing three classmates: Big Mike, the cousin who is going out with Zanny’s worst enemy; Jake, the boy she has a crush on; and Liza, the one girl who was nice to her during her darkest days of seventh grade. Zanny has to go against her shy, scared nature to sabotage the dance by any means necessary.

This is an earlier version of Butterfly Chaos, only with different characters, different complications ... and a much different ending.

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